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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Anonymous asked:
prompt: highschool au of dean and seth

Dean Ambrose was no stranger to the detention of East EndHigh School in good ol’ Cincinnati. In fact, this was probably his twentieth time in this room – Dean was notorious for his constant lateness and cutting of his classes to pick stupid fights and smoke in the school’s backyard just for the hell of it. The eighteen year old was so familiar with detention room that he knew what seat was the comfiest (third char in the fourth row), where he could hide his cigarettes, and which teachers were actually afraid of the intimidating teenager that they’ll actually would let Dean leave early. It was his senior year, he thought about dropping school in second semester so Dean honestly didn’t give two fucks. He just wanted to get of here already. So as the rebellious teen strolled into detention fifteen minutes late, and made his way to his seat, Dean stopped abruptly. A figure was sitting in Deans seat; its shoulders hunched all over so the stranger’s twisted black hair covered its face. Dean usually didn’t bitch about who’s seat belongs to who but he had a pretty rough day that he wanted to get over with already, and he was looking really forward to dozing off in that comfy chair.

 “Hey!” Dean shouted, slapping his hand on the desk. The startled stranger jumped, nearly falling off the damn chair. The long haired teen regained his balance as he slowly looked up, locking eyes with Dean. What Dean saw made him take a step back. The bottom of the stranger’s left eye was a swelling black bruise equipped with a cut lip and bleeding cut forehead. In the stranger’s brown eyes, Dean saw nothing but pure utter fear as if the kid lived every day of his life always looking behind his shoulder. As Dean quickly studied the battered face, it clicked to Dean that the kid was the transfer from Iowa.  He heard about the new kid – transferred about a week ago – and got along well pretty quickly, especially with the captain of the football team, Roman, whom Dean counted as mutual buddy. So it was sort of a surprise, Dean saw the kid here in detention. “Who did this to ya?” Dean asked, completely forgetting about the chair as he stood in front of the teen with arms crossed. The transfer didn’t say anything at first; instead he avoided his gaze, staring at his dirty red sneakers. Dean would have let it go right there, but he was curious and kept on persisting, “C’mon who did it? I haven’t picked a fight in a while.” Dean laughed at the last sentence, but the transfer saw no humor in it. “First time getting beat up?” Dean cracked a sly smile as he pulled an adjacent chair and sat on it backwards, facing the kid. “It’s not so bad the fifth time,” Dean commented, cracking his knuckles, “Trust me I know.” The transfer sat silent. Dean began feeling fed up, they were the only two in detention and the teacher mysteriously disappeared and the punk was sitting in his seat.

“Got a name?” Dean finally asked, he stared at the transfer with his wild, blue eyes hoping for an answer.

Again silence.

“I’m wasting my time,” Dean said as he licked his dry lips and jumped off the seat, he was nearly out the door when the kid murmured something under its breath.

“Come again?” Dean said, taking a foot back in the classroom.

“Seth.” Seth said quietly, “My name is Seth.”

Dean smiled. “Aw Seth,” Dean made his way towards the Iowa native with a grin. “Should I assume you know my name?”

“Dean.” Seth said with arms folded. “I’ve been warned about you by everybody.”

“Damn,” Dean said with a laugh, “I really do make a good impression, don’t I? What have you heard?”

“That you’re an insane nuisance wrecking havoc to this school.”

“Sounds about right.”

Before Seth could respond, drops of blood fell from his eyebrow. “Shit.” He cursed as he rummaged in the pocket of his jeans, taking out a bloody napkin and dabbing it on the wound. “I thought it stopped bleeding a while ago.”

“Did you trip on the stairs or some shit?” Dean asked, “Or are you gonna tell me who did this?”

“For what?” Seth surprisingly snapped back. “So you can pick a fight and be back here?”

“Hey maybe I can see you again.” Dean shamelessly winked at the startled Seth whose cheeks blushed red. Dean found the kid attractive despite all the blood and black n’ blue, he might as well have fun.

There was no awkward silence after Dean’s comment, Seth quickly scoffed but couldn’t hide his amused smiled towards the infamous, and kinda hot school’s pain in the ass in front of him. Seth strangely felt comfortable around Dean, and dare he say even safe – a feeling he never associated with his friends, even the friendly titan Roman.

“If I tell you who did this to me,” Seth began to say, his eyes locked with Dean’s wild blue, “You can’t pick a fight with the dude, it’s just more trouble.”

“I don’t make promises, Seth.” Dean said.

Seth didn’t open his mouth to argue, he was wincing from pain from his bleeding wound.

“You want like water or a bandage or something?” Dean asked, sticking out a thumb from his curled fist, pointing to the blackboard behind him. “There’s a couple in the teacher’s desk.”

Dean was already opening the drawers before Seth even answered him. The eighteen year old returned with a forgotten water bottle and two bandages in his palms.

“Thanks.” Seth thanked as he poured drops of water on his napkin.

“No problem.” Dean shrugged.

 Seth flashed a small smile in gratitude before he pressed the damp napkin on his forehead. Dean took it upon himself to open the bandage as Seth dried his forehead. Seth took the bandage, his fingers brushing against Dean’s coarse ones but suddenly Dean grasped Seth’s fingers.

“Are those teeth marks?” Dean couldn’t believe his eyes, he caught of a glimpse of it as Seth’s hand reached over, and he wanted to make sure. Seth said nothing but trembled, again Dean saw the fear in Seth’s eyes awaken.

“I’m not going to hurt you Seth,” Dean assured him, “But who the hell did this to you?”

Seth yanked his hand away when Dean released him. Seth gulped, Dean’s stare was intense and he knew this guy wouldn’t leave him alone until he answered his question. Seth just wanted to go home.

“Some punk named Randy.” Seth said straight forwardly.

Dean’s eyes widened, “Randy Orton?”

“I guess.” Seth shrugged.

Dean stood up and moved his hands against his shoulders, “The dude with the tattoos all over here?”

They were both talking about the same person.


“What the hell did you do?” Dean questioned. With his four years at East End High, he knew you would never, ever pick a fight with Randy Orton and if he – the Viper – pursued you, it was best you switched schools.

Seth quickly defended himself, “I didn’t do anything! I was minding my own business at my locker when he just shoved me against the locker and began beating the hell outta me!”

Dean was intrigued, “You fought back didn’t you?”

“Your damn right I did!” Seth snapped. “I didn’t do shit so I fought back!”

“Aannndddd,” Dean stretched the word, “That’s why you’re here.”

“And why is Randy not here?” Seth questioned, leaning back and folding his arms. “He’s the ass who started it!”

“Lower your voice.” Dean hissed. “Randy’s gang are his eyes and ears, they’ll fucking hear you.”

Seth was taken back. “This Randy is pretty serious here.”

“He put a kid in a three week coma once.” Dean explained, “But you see Randy’s dad is rich and famous the school can’t even touch him! So he get’s away with everything. And what he wants,” Dean paused, making direct eye contact with Seth. “He gets.”

It took Seth a second. “What the hell does he want with me?”

“No one knows what the Viper wants,” Dean shrugged, “But I suggest you go back to Iowa, kid.”

Seth scoffed but Dean could plainly see Seth was scared. The kid was here only for a week and he was now pre-destined for an ass kick every day.

“Look Seth,” Dean leaned back. “It’s October, and you’re gonna be stuck here till August so I suggest you get yourself a bodyguard.” Dean checked his watch. “And look at that, detention is over! I got a bus to catch,” Dean made his way out the door, “Nice meeting you, Seth. Don’t get killed!”

Dean was halfway down the hallway when he heard Seth shout. “What about you?”

Dean spun around to find Seth walking behind him, the kid’s book bag hanging on his shoulder. “What about me?”

Seth stood face to face to Dean. “You said you haven’t picked a fight in a while. I’m sure Randy’s got his friends who want to kick my ass, you can be my bodyguard.”

“You have got to be kidding me.” Dean shook his head, he clutched both of Seth’s shoulders suddenly, “Seth, Seth, this is Randy the fucking Viper Orton we’re talking about. I’ve spent my four years here in this hell avoiding that punk, and I’m not going to finish senior year in a wheelchair.”

Seth pled. “C’mon Dean, I can fight back but I can’t handle Randy.”

“So you want me to be the punching bag?” Dean snapped before he spun around and made his way down the hall. Seth caught up with him, clutching Dean’s gray leather jacket. “Look Dean, that’s not what I meant. It’s just… look I’m afraid.” Seth shrugged. “I’m afraid and I don’t know how to handle with this mess, and well you – no offense – but it looks you know how to handle these types of situations.”

“What about your Roman buddy?” Dean questioned. “He’s a macho man, he can handle Randy.”

“Roman can’t get into school fights,” Seth defended his friend. “He’ll get kicked off the team.”

Dean opened his mouth to argue but Seth had his point, none of them wanted that to happen to Roman. Dean was looking excuses, “Can you take some self defense class or something, man?”

“I dabbled in wrestling when I was younger,” Seth began when Dean interrupted him. “You wrestle?”

“I wouldn’t really call it professional.” Seth explained, “More backyard stuff, nothing really.”

“Whoa, whoa,” Dean shook his head. “That’s a start.”

“A start for what?” Seth’s eyebrow rose.

Dean cracked a smile as he wrapped his arm around Seth, “I’m gonna teach you how to wrestle.”

What?”  Seth coughed. “Dean, you cannot be serious.”

“Do you doubt my skills, Seth?”

“I’ve never seen your skills.” Seth sassed back.

“I wrestle here and then,” Dean explained. “I fucking love it y’know and I’m gonna teach you, because I’ll help you out Seth, but I can’t be saving your ass forever.”

“Is that a deal? You’ll have my back as long as I’m your wrestling student?”  Seth felt a smile crept.

“Yeah, I mean you got potential, hell you fought back the Viper!” Dean exclaimed. “So yeah I’ll help you.”

“Where can I see you wrestle?”


“I need to see what you’re gonna teach me, Dean.” Seth pushed back his hair to reveal his wounds. “I don’t want any more of this shit.”

Dean pursued his lips. No one in the school knew about his wrestling, hell even his mom didn’t even know, and here he was letting Seth see him wrestle.

Seth waited for an answer, “So?”

“Fine,” Dean grunted. “I have a match this Friday, I’ll give you the details tomorrow just you gotta promise me not tell anyone about it, alright?”

Seth nodded with a smile, “We got ourselves a deal.”

Dean grinned, outstretching his hand, “Only if you shake on it Seth…uh…”

Seth shook Dean’s hand eagerly.



{should I make it a multi-chapter? this felt so good to write)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Delrio: “You look like you just came out of a dumpster”



out of a dumpster…waiting for Seth…

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Sometime when I feel down I picture in my head Seth/Roman/Dean arguing with each other but using their RL names.


"Damn it Colby I told you to turn that music down man.  I’m getting a headache!"

"Shut up Jonathan; it’s a lot better than that soft rock you like from the 1980’s!"

"Screw both of your musical tastes; let me listen to my Britney Spears CD."

"No Joe just no!"

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
I want to write some WWE prompts…but I have none

so yeah this blog took a turn but shit happens and i will still do marvel or whatever if you have any prompts

I just need to write

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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